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Incrediwear Radical Pain Relief for aches & injuries.

Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear works to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, muscle fatigue and soreness by increasing circulation to accelerate recovery.

With a revolutionary therapeutic fabric which is infused with circulation enhancing elements, specifically germanium and/or carbon (derived from charcoal). Activated by one's body heat, these elements dramatically increase blood flow to the skin, muscles, and joints.


 Sprains  Plantar Fasciitis
 Tendonitis  Muscle Fatigue
 Edema  Shin Splints
 Calf Cramps  Bursitis
 Carpal Tunnel  Arthritis
 Meniscus Tears  Disc Injuries
 Lower Back Pain  Rib Injuries
 Hip Injuries  Swelling

 2inch Bandage Wrap Front 600x  ankle sleeve  Back Brace Front 400x  Calf Sleeve Black Front 400x  Circulation Glove Front 400x  Circulation Socks Grey Ankle Crew Left 600x  Incrediwear hipBrace 400x  Knee Sleeve Black Front 400x